Blueberry Fields Forever

AEP Picnic Proposal

Most of Antony Gormley’s works place emphasis on the location and direction of the elements in the work; the element is usually a repeated symbol or structure used to bring across a strong point.

In Field, countless figures made out of terracotta clay are placed in a wide space, and arranged to face the viewer. When hundreds of pairs of ‘eyes’ are fixated on the viewer of the artwork, it evokes a feeling of apprehension, due to the seemingly unnatural sense of attention. Another of Gormley’s works, Another Place, makes use of a hundred iron casts of the same figure which are placed on the shore of Crosby Beach. These figures are all life-sized, and face one direction – the sea. In this piece of work, we can once again see the usage of a repeated element in the same form, and this technique is employed to create an intimidating environment.

As such, we have decided to use this characteristic technique in our item, by meticulously arranging cubes of berry-flavored cheesecake on a huge flat area.

The ingredients used include: Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Cool Whip, blueberries, blackcurrants, sugar, unsalted butter, digestive biscuits.

The most striking element of Gormley’s work in Field is the sheer number of figurines that comprise it. By presenting each with only one small cube of cheesecake at a time, we aim to deconstruct the illusion of intimidation, providing our own personal take on Gormley’s work.

Done by,

Amanda, Audrey, Charlotte.


Comics, guys! Comics as a medium. I really like comics, I think they are the best idea ever. Stories in pictures, is that not nice? What irks me is when people lump comics into a large lumpy puddle and call it a genre, that is absolutely not true I don’t think. Comics are a medium, they’re a way of telling stories with pictures, text optional. The word genre implies limitations in terms of content, it’s restrictive and oversimplifies their storytelling potential. Calling comics a genre limits in people’s minds what a graphic novel can be. This is all just semantics, but semantics influence perceptions. Too long have libraries relegated their graphic novel collections to a single dusty shelf in some remote corner. The notion that comics are a less sophisticated way of conveying an idea or some trivial form of entertainment needs to be discarded.

Of course this is all just my opinion. I am a sixteen year old girl. Anyway stuff is happening already right now, the future of comics is shiny like tinfoil you guys

Here’s a silly arty comic just for shits and giggles. Apes! You may remember Marcel Duchamp.

he has a pair of shoes

Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton




i like this